Georgia Seed Development's Foundation Seed and Plant Material Services

The goal of Georgia Seed Development is the efficient, exact reproduction of Breeder seed and plant material initially developed by plant breeders affiliated with the University of Georgia, with the U.S. Department of Agriculture-Agriculture Research Service or with universities and public agriculture agencies in surrounding states.

GSD reproduces these patented varieties in such quantities that they become Foundation seed and plant materials to be sold to licensees—usually seed companies and nurseries—for reproduction for commercial markets. These licensees must be approved by the University of Georgia Research Foundation and by GSD.

GSD produces high-quality Foundation seed and plant material that is of:

  • Genetic purity: representative of the breeder’s description of the variety
  • Physical purity: free from other crop materials, weeds and inert materials
  • Physiological quality: demonstrating high seed germination and plant vigor

After the initial production of Foundation seed and plant material for a new variety, GSD stores and maintains the Foundation materials in adequate quantities in order to sustain the variety in the marketplace.

GSD provides the following:

Breeder Services
Licensing Services