Our Staff

  • Roger Boerma

    Roger Boerma Executive Director

    Roger is responsible for the providing direction and vision to the GSD and for administering the policies developed by the GSD Board of Directors.  He is the former soybean breeder at the University of Georgia.

  • Caleb Warrington

    Caleb Warrington Senior Director of Operations

    Caleb is responsible for the overall efficiency of production, processing, and marketing.  In addition, he directs specific projects that gauge organizational effectiveness.   He has previous experience as a soybean and a sesame breeder.

  • Blake Fleeman

    Blake Fleeman Licensing/Marketing Manager

    Blake is responsible for working with new and current licensees on licensing related issues.  He is also responsible for coordinating our marketing programs and our trade show involvements.

  • Doug Batchelder

    Doug Batchelder Production/Processing Manager– Athens

    Doug is responsible for small grain and soybean seed production and harvesting in the central and north portion of the state. He also has responsibility for turf grass production, harvesting, and distribution for both the domestic and international turf grass markets.

  • Justin Tanner

    Justin Tanner Production/Processing Manager - Plains

    Justin supervises the Foundation peanut and wheat production, conditioning, treating, and distribution at the Plains facility.  He is also responsible for maintaining varietal integrity and product quality.

  • Amy McKissick

    Amy McKissick Bookkeeper

    Amy is responsible for all bookkeeper of Georgia Seed Development.  Amy works to prepare accurate financial statements each month as well as daily account receivables/payables and royalty collection.  Amy also prepares Georgia Seed Development policies and procedures, HR, and payroll for both the Athens and Plains location.

  • Erin Montgomery

    Erin Montgomery Admin/Marketing Specialist

    Erin performs a wide range of administrative task for Georgia Seed Development such as providing assistance to the Executive Director as well as the Board of Commissioners and Advisory Committee members.  She also develops marketing and promotional materials and provides social media services for the organization.