“Liberty soybeans are a weed control option we need to discuss”  - From Southeast Farm Press

  • March 16, 2018

By Dr. Eric Prostko

Revolutionary War figure Patrick Henry in 1775 famously uttered, “Give me Liberty or give me death!” I’m pretty confident Ol’ Pat wasn’t a glufosinate salesman, but I appreciate the catchy lead to this column. 

I recently finished my annual tour of duty delivering the weed science gospel around the state of Georgia. I must have heard the word dicamba a million times or more during the 40-pluse grower meetings I headlined. (Dr. Stanley Culpepper was my opening act.)  The consensus around the state was that the dicamba weed control programs in tolerant cotton and soybean worked better than expected.  But off-target issues have many people concerned about the future of the technology?

This coupled with the ever-increasing problem of PPO resistance could point some sprayers in the direction of LibertyLink weed control systems. Since I am the soybean weed guy in Georgia, I will focus on that topic herein.   

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