LA 754

  • Plant CharacteristicsMedium height, fully awned, medium-early heading date
  • Yield CharacteristicsHigh yielding; High test weight

At a Glance

LA 754 is a medium height, fully awned, soft red winter wheat with a medium-early heading date similar to AGS 2000 and a few days later than AGS 2060. It is resistant to leaf and stripe rust and to soil-borne mosaic virus. It is medium-resistant to powdery mildew.

It is adapted to the Gulf Coast and Southeastern wheat regions and is licensed exclusively to Terral Seed of Rayville, Louisiana.


Developed by the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, LA 754 (LA01110D-150) is a wheat variety whose Intellectual Property protection is pending under the Plant Variety Protection Act. It is the grower’s responsibility to determine the current status of this variety.